Geoteric announces release of their new AI service

Geoteric announces the release of their new AI service offering and celebrates with a brand uplift LONDON, UK – June 4, 2019 – Geoteric announced today the launch of its

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We are very pleased to be returning to the EAGE 2019 Annual Convention & Exhibition, this year to be held in London, UK.

When: 3rd to 6th June 2019

Where: London, UK

Booth #: 950

Ahead of the event, if you would like to schedule a meeting or a demo, contact David Macaulay, Business Development Manager at

We look forward to seeing you there!

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What’s New in GeoTeric 2018.1.2

The latest GeoTeric patch contains extensions to our recently released Validate module as well as enhancements to the rest of the application.

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Fault Expression: A Basic Step-by-Step Guide

GeoTeric’s Fault Expression is an intuitive and flexible tool that allows the user to produce fault attributes, blends and detect volumes in one simple workflow. By providing a range of

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Why Using Combined Fault Attributes Reveals More than Coherence Alone

By Randy Hee and Rachael Moore Coherence Attribute Coherence cubes calculated from 3D seismic provide a representation of the similarity (or dissimilarity) of the seismic waveforms and are therefore indicators

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GeoTeric 2017 Adaptive Horizons: Part 2 – Tracking and Fill Modes

Tracking and Fill Modes GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizons have a variety of tracking and fill modes to allow the interpreter to extract a horizons surface in a fast and accurate way, while

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GeoTeric’s New Adaptive Horizons: Part 1 – Overview

As part of the Cognitive Interpretation workflow, GeoTeric’s new Adaptive Horizons use Regional Structural Awareness to create the fastest and most accurate 3D seismic interpretation. Any seismic, attribute or HSV

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GeoTeric 2017.1 Release – Redefine Your Seismic Interpretation with Adaptive Horizons

GeoTeric 2017.1 Release – Redefine Your Seismic Interpretation with Adaptive Horizons GeoTeric 2017.1 is our biggest release yet with lots of new functionality. 2017.1 launches our brand new unified seismic interpretation

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The Stratigraphic Slicing Workflow

With the release of GeoTeric 2016.2.1, the user can now take advantage of the new Stratigraphic Slicing workflow. This workflow allows the user to rapidly create a series of stratigraphically

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Hints & Tips for using GeoTeric’s Adaptive Geobodies

Why should you do your geobody interpretation in GeoTeric? GeoTeric’s Adaptive Geobodies changed the paradigm of geobody generation. The tool doesn’t rely on the standard threshold technique, where the user

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