Adaptive interpretation delivers more accurate interpretation in less time. Incorporating the building blocks of machine learning.

Our patented and uniquely powerful tools enable you to accurately interpret exactly what you see using a data-driven but interpreter guided approach. Being able to extract understanding from the data is the key to generating value. Geoteric is the only application to enable fuII horizon, fault and geobody interpretation directly on the structural and stratigraphic blends  (RGB, CMY or HSV blends) that most effectively reveals the geology.

Being able to extract understanding from data is the key to generating value. Geoteric is the only application to enable full horizon, fault and geobody interpretation directly on the RGB, CMY or HSV blends that most effectively reveals the geology.


Adaptive interpretation tools for creating a regional or reservoir scale interpretations of the structure.

GeoTeric Tools

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  • Visualisation
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Our adaptive technology links the data to the interpreter providing the most likely pathway between the last picked point and the present location of the cursor. This suggestion, based on data analysis analytics, can be accepted or over-ridden by the interpreter. Working on both horizons and faults this adaptive interpretation dramatically speeds up the interpretation process saving time and money whilst delivering high quality results.

Adaptive Geobodies

Adaptive Geobodies

Ability to combine or divide geobodies easily

Accurate delineation of your reservoir body

Interactive geobody metric information

Tracks on multiple volumes simultaneously, including RGB blends

Manual manipulation of the geobody surface in 3D

Data-driven, interpreter-guided approach to geobody delineation

Definition of inclusion and exclusion zones

Adaptive Horizons

Adaptive Horizons

Horizon Interpretation using reflectivity data, attributes or HSV colour Blends

Harnesses the principles of cognitive decision making

Incorporates regional structural awareness

Interactive preview of all the alternate routes

Line picking and auto-tracking options

Interactive 3D editing of the surface

Fast, easy, and accurate

Adaptive Faults

Adaptive Faults

Interpretation of fault sticks and surfaces directly on the colour blends or individual attributes

Fault sticks can be picked in multiple orientations and on multiple volumes simultaneously

Fault surfaces can be used as visualisation planes and translated perpendicular to the fault

Polygon Picking

Polygon Picking

Polygons can be interpreted on any volume or colour blend

Vertical, horizontal or variable orientations (when picked on a horizon)

Full display controls for maximum impact

Redefine Your Interpretation

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