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Geoteric announces release of their new AI service

Geoteric announces the release of their new AI service offering and celebrates with a brand uplift LONDON, UK – June 4, 2019 – Geoteric announced today the launch of its

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Geoteric | August 31, 2017

Adaptive Geobodies Part 1 – Standard Frequency Decomposition Based

The Adaptive Geobodies tool tool is based on generating delineating geological deposits from data values using model based delineation. It is a powerful and flexible tool which can be used in

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Geoteric | August 24, 2017

Horizon Rendering Options in GeoTeric

Horizons interpreted in or imported into GeoTeric have a variety of uses at all scales, whether for detailed reservoir interpretation, or regional mapping over huge areas. To adjust the level

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Geoteric | August 10, 2017

Why Using Combined Fault Attributes Reveals More than Coherence Alone

By Randy Hee and Rachael Moore Coherence Attribute Coherence cubes calculated from 3D seismic provide a representation of the similarity (or dissimilarity) of the seismic waveforms and are therefore indicators

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Geoteric | August 3, 2017

Hints and Tips for Using GeoTeric’s Well Log Correlation Tool

To gain a better understanding of the subsurface, start your Cognitive Interpretation workflow by correlating the well markers and lithologies between wells in GeoTeric. This will give you a better understanding

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Geoteric | July 31, 2017

Download: Advancing Seismic Interpretation with GeoTeric

Our latest download draws together insights from geoscientists and academics to show how GeoTeric’s unique Cognitive Interpretation methodology enhances the seismic interpretation process.

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Geoteric | July 28, 2017

GeoTeric 2017 Adaptive Horizons: Part 3 – 3D Editing

GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizons tool allows the user to intuitively and interactively edit a tracked surface or interpretation. This is done by identifying the mis-pick in the interpretation, selecting the “3D

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Geoteric | July 13, 2017

GeoTeric 2017 Adaptive Horizons: Part 2 – Tracking and Fill Modes

Tracking and Fill Modes GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizons have a variety of tracking and fill modes to allow the interpreter to extract a horizons surface in a fast and accurate way, while

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Geoteric | July 6, 2017

GeoTeric’s New Adaptive Horizons: Part 1 – Overview

As part of the Cognitive Interpretation workflow, GeoTeric’s new Adaptive Horizons use Regional Structural Awareness to create the fastest and most accurate 3D seismic interpretation. Any seismic, attribute or HSV

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Geoteric | June 21, 2017

GeoTeric 2017.1 Release – Redefine Your Seismic Interpretation with Adaptive Horizons

GeoTeric 2017.1 Release – Redefine Your Seismic Interpretation with Adaptive Horizons GeoTeric 2017.1 is our biggest release yet with lots of new functionality. 2017.1 launches our brand new unified seismic interpretation

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Geoteric | June 20, 2017

Frequency Decomposition Part 3 – HDFD (High Definition FD)

The previous two blog posts looked at ‘standard’ frequency decomposition techniques which applied convolution of the trace with bandpass filters in a traditional manner.  This post focuses on the High

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